Wireless Texas Holdem: Poker on Your Mobile Device

Can't get enough of the world's most played poker game variant? Play texas holdem on your phone. Defy the limits of time and space--- join tournaments and sit-and-go table games wherever you are with wireless texas holdem.

Playing texas holdem used to always set inside a casino or a poker room. Internet texas holdem changed all of that. And now, wireless texas holdem presents an even more revolutionary, more convenient way of playing poker. Since a mobile device is portable, it follows that you can play poker anywhere. With mobile texas holdem, it's like bringing a personal poker room with you.

Like internet holdem, wireless texas holdem requires internet connection and Java application on the phone. Mobile games are software-based, and wireless texas holdem is no exception.

But that's not something you need to worry about. If the millions of people around the world now have mobile casino games on their phones, so can you. If you don't have internet connection on your phone yet, simply contact your mobile service provider.

Most phones are now Java application-ready, which makes them perfectly suited for mobile gambling. But if you want to be sure if your phone is capable of supporting the game software, see the list of internet casino's supported mobile devices.

Wireless texas holdem is a multiplayer game. Sounds amazing how developers achieved this--- but this is for real. And you don't just play against computerized players--- you play against real people in real time. Your opponents might be other mobile players or maybe online players, or a combination of both. The number of players that you will play against depends on the capacity of the mobile poker room. In some mobile poker rooms, this means a maximum number of four players. Other mobile poker rooms can hold as much as 10 players.

And then not only does one get to play with other players, you can also exchange conversation with other players via a chatbox!

Wagering and making bet choices in wireless texas holdem requires use of numeric keys or joystick. Practice in the fun mode to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before throwing your money into the pot.

Mobile texas holdem, like internet poker games, also uses RNG (random number generator) to secure fair dealing of cards.

If you have a PDA, Blackberry, cellularphone, Smartphone, or other such mobile devices, then download wireless texas holdem now and be able to join tournaments and texas holdem sit-and-go games even if you're mobile and out on the streets, waiting at an ATM machine line, or waiting for a luncheon date.