Common Mistakes of Poker Players

In any game even with poker observing the right etiquette is necessary. There are usual mistakes which most beginners commit. The following are some of the typical mistakes made in poker.

1) A player betting when it's not his turn - Every player should wait for his time to make his move. If a player bets when it isn't yet his time to do so he is risking giving undue advantage to the other player.

2) Giving a string bet - A player who intends to make a raise should first say the word raise. He may do this on his own turn. If the player fails to say the word raise the player should place his bet and inform everyone of a raise. String bets happen when the player fails to tell everyone that it is a raise after placing his bet. The raise may not be honored since making such a move is not permitted.

3) Being unaware of the bet- As a player it is a must that you know which bet to make when you get your turn. Paying full attention to the other bets made by all the players helps a lot. Always note if the bet made was also raised.

4) A player folds instead of making a check - There are times that a player may not be satisfied with the card he gets that he easily fold when it is his time to make the bet. You can check the card if you are the first player and when everyone had checked then you can have the next dealt card. That extra card can just make the hand you have more favorable.

5) Players throw chips in the pot - Always put bets where you can see them ideally in your front. This helps the dealer to clearly see the amount of the bets you have. It is unethical to throw them inside the pot because this is the job of the dealer.

6) Not giving protection to the cards- Protect the cards you have always. Always put a chip to protect the cards. When the your cards get mixed with another player's cards the hand shall be considered dead.

8) Being too emotional - Always have a control on your emotions. Do not lose your manners by throwing a tantrum or saying foul words out of your frustration.

9) Having multiple hands- Always keep a few hands first because it takes time to develop a good hand to start with.

10) Taking too much time - Poker is a game that requires concentration but players need to be conscious of the other people playing with them.