The Best Poker Strategy: Situational Strategy

We all want to have the best poker strategy there is. Thus, we search high and low for the best poker tactic we can come up with. But what really is the best poker strategy of all?

Many poker experts agree that the best poker strategy is what works best in a particular situation. There is no step-by step poker strategy that applies to every situation. We have to figure out poker techniques fitting for a certain game situation and make a strategy out of them. Thus, the best poker strategy is always the most effective we can come up with in a specific situation.

We may read and learn various strategies in books and at online sites. We may take them all into consideration, and practice them in free online poker games with fun money. But in the end, we cannot follow those strategies step by step during a live betting poker game. It is a perfect recipe for disaster that most novices fall for when they play poker with real money. They have to learn that the best poker strategy is situational.

There are some tips on how to formulate the best poker strategy for us: first, we have to take note of our flaws. Lots of times players develop bad habits they carry with them to real money poker games. We have to get rid of bad habits in poker. Second, we have to learn from our mistakes. When we take note of a poor strategy, don't attempt the same strategy on the same opponents the next time the same situation shows itself. Then, try to improve our skill on placing an opponent on a hand.

One of the most important aspects in considering the best poker strategy is sizing up the opponent. Again, there can be no exact formula that applies in all situations regarding sizing up or placing an opponent on a hand. Opponents vary in each game, and even the same person differs in play strategy each game. But we should find out how our progress has been with regards to this technique.

The best way to check our progress on placing our opponents on a hand is when playing online poker. After a game we may request a hand history through the software on the portion where we tried to place an opponent on a hand. We would see how we have been improving. Developing this poker skill well will help us work out the best poker strategy in a specific situation.