Becoming a Winning Texas Holdem Player

Everywhere on the Internet you will find a lot of players remarking their desire to become a winning Texas Holdem player. However, there is more to becoming a winner than just getting big hands, seizing the big pots or getting that big win.

It is particularly important for someone in Texas Holdem to realize that being a winning player does not just come from one or two wins. It won't take long before you come across articles on the Net describing how this player managed to win one big money tourney and then suffer a series of defeats in cash games.

These are the types of players that can be called a flash in the pan. The best example are those that win big in a tournament or cash game, and then lose it all by betting and playing in higher stakes games. What you need to know is that in Texas Holdem tournaments, luck can be a factor, and in these cases it played a role.

The point here is that becoming a winning Texas Holdem player does not come from winning one big game. The greatness of a player comes from his ability to not get carried away by a win, but rather is able to keep focused on honing his skills and also by concentrating on the bigger picture.

Those players who get carried away with a one tournament victory will never get anywhere in the game. Those are the types of players that develop egos. They think that with a big win, they now have what it takes to play in a higher limit.

A winning player is someone who is able to play within his limits. It does not matter if you are starting out at the lowest limit. As long as you are able to play at that level and win consistently, you are a winning player.

It also comes from harnessing and improving your Texas Holdem skills and techniques. It also emanates from being constantly on the lookout for new strategies and tactics that can be used.

The bottom line: you do not become a winning Texas Holdem player by prevailing in one tournament or taking that one big pot in the cash game. The fact is that the process of being a winner doesn't end with a big victory, as mastering the game takes a lifetime. The more time that you put in to learning the game, the more you will win.